5 arguments why custom website for your business is worth investing 

Having a website for your business today is more essential than having a showroom or store. Starting an online business, every entrepreneur is trying to comply with all the necessary rules – create an original logo, some brand design, and make accounts on all popular social media. And of course create a website, that allows selling goods/services, informing the customers and advertising business. Here comes a critical question – what option to choose: build an original website or use some template solution.

The owner should successfully combine all the necessary aspects of the site – a “business card”, a marketplace, and a client database. Usually, the entrepreneur decides to get some ready-to-use solution, a WordPress-powered site, for example. It’s cheap and fast and could be made even without special knowledge or hiring an IT specialist. Convenient, but, for a well-set business, it is a half measure. Uploading your catalog into a simple WordPress website often isn’t enough for a fully functional online marketplace

Why? Because every business is unique. Product categories, filters, types, and many other variables, typically can’t be added to a template website. Or maybe, at the first sight, it’s enough functionality for the business, but with time the business expands and faces the need to implement new crucial features, which the template website could not support. What options does the business have? Order the development of a custom plugin, which means spending time and money, without mentioning the installation and support. The second option is to rebuild the entire marketplace on another ready-to-use platform. Again – or half measure or the entire alteration. But there is another way, which can be chosen from the very beginning – building the custom website.

This option allows for avoiding all the problems and dead-ends, which could occur. You set up your system for your own business. Planning all the business development aspects meticulously isn’t a shame. Not with brand design, not in process automation, not in online presence resources. Even if you are selling lollipops or office paper. 

Now, let’s list the obvious and not-so reasons, why it’s the best for your business to start to promote your business and provide your products online on a custom website.

  1. Custom website’s efficiency brings more profit

    Of course, we need to clarify, that we are talking about a comparison with a template website. And also, developing an original website from the scratch costs way more than a simple subscription plan. But the ability to fine-tune marketplace structure,  all the visual components, and the necessary functions to the specifics of your business will ultimately allow you to attract more customers through your custom website. Hence, higher incomes will quickly pay off the considerable costs of website development. As long as you do everything right, or hire a team of high-qualified specialists to do that for you.


  2. Customizability

    The original custom site is like a house, built from the ground. Everything is in the place you want, every room is the exact size you want, and so on. Such ready-to-use solutions like WordPress, even considering the diversity of everything that is created for WP, often limit the opportunities. The custom site allows adjusting functionality, taking into account the subtleties of each type of business. Create only those features you need and don’t pay for everything else, that are typically included in template website paid plans. Not to mention, the more stuff you have on your site, the heavier it is, thus loading longer.


  3. Be original in all meanings

    A custom website doesn’t limit your imagination with pre-made themes and sections. Stand out from the crowd of your competitors. Create a rememberable image to stick into visitors’ memory and increase the chance to turn them into customers. Emphasize your pros and advantages with it.


  4. Scalability – enlarge with ease

    The purpose of business is to grow and bring more profit. More customers and more products require changes in the site structure. Minor changes could be made on template websites, but a custom website provides flexibility and allows scaling your system in the way you want, without limitation.


  5. Custom SEO – You need the Big Brother to see you

    As of April 2022, 91% of search queries on the Internet come from Google. Basically, if your company doesn’t appear on the first few pages of a Google search, it doesn’t exist. Yes, it’s harsh, but that’s how it is. Correctly set up SEO is what you require, and the custom website allows adjusting content more precisely, suitable for your specific business area. Better SEO equals bigger traffic, more customers, and higher profits.


  6. BONUS: Ownership
    The website you developed is owned by you entirely in terms of content. This is exclusively your property. But the template website, made on WordPress software, is technically not yours completely. You own your content, WordPress.com does not retain rights to your content. But you grant them a royalty-free worldwide license to display your material – else they would not be able to show your content on someone’s computer screen. Also, need to mention that, let’s suppose if WordPress’s usual software update would be compromised or corrupted it will damage all the websites using it.


Pre-made template or custom website of your dreams – it’s up to you to decide. If your business is on the first try, you’re tied up with a low budget, or it’s a long shot – think twice about custom website development. At least, you don’t want to let down your contractor company by having no funds to pay with. 🙂 

Developing a custom website is a huge decision, but, if made right, it will help your business to grow and prosper. Your original website could become your biggest and most notable brand badge. The convenience and utility of a well-set original website with good traffic flow will help you to turn a random visitor into a client and a one-time client into a loyal one.

The Code Harbor web development team would be glad to help you with making up your mind about what kind of website you want and what your business certainly needs. Check out cases to learn more about our work or, if you are ready to take a step forward – set up a call, and let’s discuss your prospects.