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How Ukrainian IT companies work in wartimes

As we wrote in our previous article since the 24th...

5 Huge Reasons Why You Should Continue to Outsource IT Services to Ukraine

We all read the news, we all know, what’s...

How a full-pack brand design will pay you back

There is a proverb “Clothes make a man”, and...

business automation

Every CEO wants to go on vacation: Why you should automate business processes

You love your business, you are doing your job...

Person is typing on computer

4-step guide to build your FinTech app

The intense impact of Financial technology has transformed numerous...

Code on computer

How to migrate a legacy system to a new UI?

What is a legacy system? Most of the time...

How to increase company efficiency by $45 000 and 90 hours a month?

From the month we implemented the CRM to today,...

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