How to increase company efficiency by $45 000 and 90 hours a month?

From the month we implemented the CRM to today, all our operational metrics went up. Our managers have more time to dedicate to doing what they do best: managing houses and interacting with clients, rather than spending time on routine and time-consuming tasks.

Igor Potapov, Director of Accounting and Finance, America Sober

America Sober increases efficiency by 18% using custom CRM to save $45.000 and 90 hours per house per month.

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you: each day you start by collecting the data from the application forms, payment amount, answering tons of calls from potential clients. If your company doesn’t have a CRM, it takes up to 3 hours a day to process all the data, fill the Excel spreadsheet, and make calculations. It’s good if you don’t miscalculate, otherwise, you have to redo the process again. 

Depending on how you measure and analyze your operational metrics, you might be acquainted with these processes. And when you operate 10 or 15 clients, it might be ok. But when it counts up to 50-100 or more new customers a day, it’s simply untenable. 

As a senior manager or director, you have to stay on top of data and easily navigate in the data flow to understand the whole picture of the business income and expenditure up to a dollar. 


America Sober, a network of sober houses in the Greater Boston Area, is dealing with a large amount of data from the very beginning. They recognized, pretty early, that using Excel spreadsheets and paper documents is unsustainable and non-scalable in a long run

At America Sober, there are sober 6 sober houses with managers of different levels from house manager to administrator with specific functions. They operate certain data and can make data alterations that were hard to monitor. At the end of the month, the company faced an income deficiency that was a result of nontransparent operational processes.

Our managers were wasting a lot of time doing a job that could be automated rather than being focused on issues that relate to company growth.

Rachel, Senior Manager of Maverick House


  1. America Sober, before custom CRM implementation, was using tools such as Excel spreadsheet that were unable to scale efficiently. 
  2. Managers had to input the data and make calculations that due to distraction might have been wrong.
  3. Staff spent 15 hours a week processing tons of data and report creation, wasting their precious time and money with no sense. 
  4. There was no system to collect, track, and process the payment and application data within the company. 

We embed the custom CRM in our workflow and realized that data operation has never been easier and efficient.

John, Payroll Administrator at America Sober


  1. America Sober implemented custom CRM in its workflow recently. Since that time, they said to the spreadsheet, and now have access to all of their data in one streamlined, centralized interface
  2. We build a referral portal that allows paying off referrals in-time without a 1-week delay as before. 
  3. Custom database with all data being kept in the right order.
  4. We chose the optimal tech stack, which reduced the development budget by 3.5 times.


Before After
Internal reporting time 70 hours a month 2 hours a month (↑ 3500,%)
Reporting time Report once a week Instant access to all necessary information.

Instant report generation

Operational costs $45.000 Complete automation with development costs only
Guests management system Paper and Excel spreadsheet Website in-built CRM and database
Referral payment control Manual payout time calculation Automated payout time calculation
Promo codes functionality No Automated promo codes calculation.

Promo codes usage control and statistics

Newsletter sending Manually Automated mailing.

External recipient filters.

Letter templates

Permission separation No permission control Separated roles and permissions (Admin / Senior Manager / Manager)
Payment report generation Manual control with 1-week reports Transparent and automated payment reports.

Customer payment data brief

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