Company values. Why does it matter?

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What makes each development company unique, besides tech tools used to deliver services? What constitutes your company’s corporate culture? It’s all about company values.

Values are an essential piece of the culture of any company. This is what sets a company’s day-to-day activities and company culture.

What is a corporate value?

Corporate value, or core value, is fundamental beliefs upon which your business is based. This is a set of guiding principles that shape your company’s employees’ work and set your company’s business agenda.

Having clear company values helps you ensure that all employees are working toward the same goal. Every business decision should be accompanied by these values.

Sometimes defining your company values seem like creating something theoretical that is not going to be used during the working process. But this is not the right way. Setting up these values helps companies prove why a company is unique and how it differs from a plethora of its competitors.

How to define it?

Before starting off, bear in mind that this is not about being fast. This is about creating something important that will guide your company’s actions and goals in the long run.

There are some principles that may help you:

  1. Involve the whole company in this process
  2. Brainstorm all ideas possible
  3. Define what is relevant to your company

To find it out, you should ask yourself several “what” questions:

  1. What is significant for our company?
  2. What brought us together?
  3. What are we proud of?
  4. What makes us unique?
  5. What attracts our customers?

Why is it essential?

  • It helps your employees make the right decisions

Knowing and pursuing company values help employees to understand the company’s fundamental aim and to have a clear vision of what you stand for. This makes them achieve goals and guide them in difficult times.

  • It results in strengthening your corporate culture

At the beginning of this article, we point out that core values are an essential element of the corporate culture. As part of corporate culture, values may improve employer-employee communication and increase employee engagement. When a company has unclear values, it is difficult to make your employees understand why they have to do something. With clear values, you make your employees live by those values.

  • Your clients understand what your company stands for

Values can help you clarify your brand’s identity. Values mark a core element of the brand essence wheel. This is how our clients see your brand, which is critical considering that consumers are more likely to support a brand whose core values align with their own.

  • It attracts the best talents

Corporate values reflect the social environment of your company. Most candidates carry out extensive research while applying to open positions. They want to choose the best company to work at. Clearly defined values help candidates to figure out whether they share these values and whether this candidate and your company is the perfect match.

What values does Code Harbor share?

  • Transparency

An Agile methodology of development ensures both internal and external communication. Our clients are updated about the development process every step of the way. Unlike our competitors, we provide an excessive list of expenses before the cooperation, which means that our clients will not be surprised with fees later down the line.

  • Responsibility and professionalism

At the end of our cooperation, our client receives a ready-to-use product, which means that all QA and QC tests are conducted. We do not leave the client alone with a product as long as we provide long-run technical assistance. Code Harbor strives to meet project deadlines.

  • Teamwork

Our constant internal team cooperation enables us to bring our best to work. Teamwork encourages communication and the flow of ideas. All the great results were achieved together.

  • Constant development

There is always what to learn. Our company delivers services using the best and newest technology tools. We believe that a work-study balance is essential.

  • Every client is different

Every project is unique. At the beginning of our journey, what a client has is the idea. We help this idea develop into a high-quality product. The methodology of such development is always different. Code Harbor uses a unique approach to every client, which means that every decision is customized and there aren’t two look-alike projects.

Final Words

Corporate values are what your company stands for. Defining these values is important, and it helps to shape a company’s brand and differentiate your company from the competitors. Company values serve as a reminder that behind every company or business, there is a human being.